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Hunter's Paradise

Hunter's Paradise The sun fires dawn’s crisp skies with gold. The khaki, Karoo scrub burnished by what will shortly become a blistering sun stretches to every horizon. In silent camaraderie, you and your guide track the gemsbok spoor etched into the bronzed earth by the morning’s early shadow.

Suddenly, they stand before you, a magnificent herd mingling with a few springbok around a shallow waterhole. Unspoken, gesticulating communication ensures you remain downwind. You stalk ever closer. Beads of sweat trickle into your eyes - you brush it away and select your target. The rifle’s butt seats itself snugly against your shoulder as you lift the weapon to take aim. Your shirt is damp. In the crosshairs, a large, finely-muscled antelope looks directly at you.

The day wakes to a sharp crack signalling sudden death. Night falls forever on the magnificent animal at your feet.
To many, hunting is repugnant. Memories of wanton carnage haunt us. The stench resulting from the mass slaughter of herds covering the great plains of Africa and North America is still overpowering, a century after its happening. Hunters cannot change history. Nor do they seek to.

Locked in a timeless dance of life and death where a fierce love of the wild translates into its bloody extinction, predators and their prey maintain the delicate balance of fragile ecosystems on which all life depends. Without controlled hunting, overgrazing and species imbalances will destroy all of us. The Northern Cape Hunters’ Association subscribes to and supports strict legislation governing hunting. It protects our wildlife while allowing hunters the freedom to enjoy a sport bringing them ever closer to natural order.

Countless game lodges and farms, mostly in the western regions, from the Kalahari to the Karoo, offer accommodation from rudimentary, to opulent, fly-in, superbly appointed and equipped lodges. Most offer guides and trackers, skinning, cutting, cooling and taxidermy services and the cameraderie you need to unwind.

Whether you’re trophy hunting, scouting venison for the pot, in search of biltong (a traditional, dried-and-spiced meat), or seeking a brace of guinea-fowl or francolin, you will the find the game to suit your talent and your taste. If your love is gamewatching or fishing, many game farms will accommodate your every wish.
For further information, contact: The Northern Cape Hunters’ Association tel 082 688 8345.



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