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Real Adventure
Adventure can be different things to different people. The dictionary states that it is the encountering of risks; hazardous and striking enterprise; a bold undertaking, in which hazards are to be encountered; a daring feat; a remarkable occurrence; a striking event; a stirring incident; as in the adventures of one’s life.

The Northern Cape’s vastness is an everlasting challenge to eco-adventurers who are keen to explore. Climatic and topographic extremes dominate a vast land of stark and varying contrasts. From its endless, flower-carpeted flatlands and scrub-covered plains to the jagged edges and convoluted folds of molten mountains, it is a land of haunting natural beauty. After scaling dizzying heights in searing temperatures with sweat-burned eyes, you feel mystery and wonder imbuing your every sense while gazing down on the broad, cooling waters snaking their way through the seemingly impregnable mountain moonscape.

Visitors are rewarded with experiences that press on their minds. The open, often unpopulated spaces of the Northern Cape call them back time and again to hike its rugged trails, shoot its turbulent rapids, fish its living rivers, sail its sapphire skies, explore its many back-roads, view its splendid game, revel in its unusual flora and explore the brooding chambers of its worked-out mines.

river raftingRiver Rafting
The Northern Cape’s Orange and Vaal Rivers are ideal for canoeing and rafting, with the 2 340km long Orange being the favourite. With long stretches of open flat water punctuated by rapids and, to top it all, the water is warm and the weather near perfect all year round. Tour operators such as Wildthing and Bushwhacked take you through the breathtaking arid Richtersveld scenery under the guidance of experienced guides where  you can enjoy a 4-day adventure not easily matched. Overnight under the starlit African sky with raging campfires, good food and great company. Further up river, just below the Augrabies Falls, adventure operator Khamkirri will guide you through the rapids on inflatable crocs (rafts) on anything from half day to 5 day trips.

4x4 trails4x4 Trails and Challenges
Take rugged mountains, endless flatlands and undulating dunes. Add to this diverse scenery, stunning plantlife and plentiful game and you have a recipe that will please all 4x4 eco-adventurers. Here are a few of the trails you can undertake: Egerton Trail Travel vast open plains and absorb the unique rugged beauty of the Northern Cape by exploring 50km of sand, rocky hills and dongas. Tel 053 831 2659 / 082 493 4756. Nossob 4x4 Route (Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park), a circular 200km long trail in the Park offering exhilarating dune driving and scenic views. Tel 012 428 9111. Witsand Two routes over dunes and mountains. Tel 053 313 1061/2. Namaqua Trail Probably the longest 4x4 trail in South Africa. Tel 027 718 2986. Richtersveld Route (|Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park) Breathtakingly beautiful with a new scene meeting the eye at every turn. Tel 012 428 9111. Riemvasmaak Trails Three routes covering approximately 160km of deep sand to steep and very rough tracks, deep dongas and rocky plateaus. Tel 054 431 0945.

Augrabies Park takes trailists through surrealistic moonscapes. Tel 054 452 9200. Khamkirri has trails of varying difficulty. Tel 054 451 0325 / 082 926 0055. Banksgate Trail offers 6 trails varying in distance between 10km and 66km. Tel 02062 ask for 1930. De Postjes Trail is a challenging route, preferably for experienced drivers, situated in the Nuweveld Mountains. Tel 023 741 1839. Kalahari Trail is in the Mier area. Tel 054902 ask for Mier 19. Diamond Coast Trail on the West Coast explores dunes, shipwrecks and diamond mines. Tel 027 807 2999. Cobus se Gat Trail in the Namakwa District. Tel 027 341 2326 / 083 303 5263. Toekoms Trail in the Namakwa District. Tel 027 341 2201 / 083 338 3048.

motorcycling Adventure Motorcycling
Many of the same reasons that make The Northern Cape an ideal 4x4 destination also make it ideal for adventure motorcycling. Also known as dual sport motorcycling, the concept is to offer riders scenery, history and challenge in a non-competitive, on-road / off-road riding experience. All of the regions in the province have extensive dirt-roads, of varying condition to ride on. Add to this plenty of sunshine, little rain and numerous old mines, quarries and open space and you have the ideal terrain for adventure motorcycle touring.

paragliding Paragliding
Thermals soar from the baking earth to the cooler cobalt skies supplying an ideal lift for paragliders and on good days you can fly for ever. Many of the world’s records have been set in De Aar and Kuruman where flights of up to 350km have been recorded. The Fly De Aar aerodrome site launches predominantly by winch.

flyfishing Fly fishing
The lower Vaal and Riet Rivers at Kimberley are renowned as the unrivalled destination for stable  fly fishing populations yielding world class catches of largemouth and small mouth yellowfish in pristine surrounds. In the past several years the popularity of yellowfish has increased steadily and so too the demand for protected waters.
With rugged scenery, abundant wildlife and real freedom, the local Northern Cape waters ensure a memorable fly fishing and African experience.

Countless game lodges and farms, mostly in the western regions, from the Kalahari to the Karoo, offer accommodation from rudimentary, to opulent, fly-in, superbly appointed and equipped lodges. Most offer guides and trackers, skinning, cutting, cooling and taxidermy services and the camaraderie you need to unwind.
Whether you’re trophy hunting, scouting venison for the pot, in search of biltong (a traditional, dried-and-spiced meat), or seeking a brace of guinea-fowl or francolin, you will the find the game to suit your talent and your taste. If your love is gamewatching or fishing, many game farms will accommodate your every wish.
For further information, contact: The Northern Cape Hunters’ Association tel 082 688 8345.


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